Health Builders works with local communities and governments to build their own health systems.

We never hand them a finished product. We help them build their own.




We design health care management systems that ensure excellent, efficient and self-sustaining primary care.



We overhaul health facilities where existing ones are not functioning, and build new health centers where there are none.



We implement simple, cost-efficient technologies to improve the health and livelihoods of resource-limited communities.

After working in Sub-Saharan Africa for over a decade, our biggest insight is that building strong primary health care systems provides the biggest return for the most vulnerable people.

  • 100% of Health Builders-supported facilities have complete staff rosters, full of qualified professionals who provide primary care, HIV, TB and Maternal Child Health care services.
  • 100% report complete availability of WHO essential medicines and simple protocols to ensure their drugs never expire.
  • 100% have efficient accounting systems which enable them to develop savings and care for the poorest patients, regardless of ability to pay.

This isn't all, find out more about how our management interventions have transformed 89 Health Centers into thriving small enterprises.

  • Health Builders has constructed 6 full-service government health centers from the ground up, providing health care to 150,000 people where they previously had none.
  • Health Builders has constructed 2 maternity wards in rural health centers, ensuring  safe child delivery for hundreds of women every month.

We build new health centers where they do not exist and know that even constrained government budgets are capable of constructing new  facilities. Learn more about how infrastructure is changing primary health care access in Rwanda.

  • Health Builders has trained over 42,000 Community Health Workers to use mobile phone technology to report Maternal and Child Health complications in real time—the only program of its kind in Rwanda.
  • Health Builders has installed a commercial-sized oxygen plant in rural Rwanda, making life-saving treatments available to millions of people formerly without them.

Harnessing simple technology brings health services directly to the community, providing high impact for low costs, see more about our technology interventions.